Lazlo & Betsy Invite You To Admire Their Amazing Wedding Reception!

It was summertime, and the time had finally come. Lazlo and Betsy were ready to experience one of the most important moments of their young lives: getting married. The mood was set, the atmosphere jolly and feel-good, and guests were arriving, all excited to give love and witness this special bond up close. Their venue had been obtained through the helpful site The Knot!

Thankfully, Betsy’s parents had made the best decision of all, which was having Redwood City Catering at the reception. They arrived in full force with the most amazing food catering, finger food catering, bar catering, and even catered Italian food of all time. These guests had no idea what wonders await them.

Food should be one of the key components at a special event like a wedding, and Caterers Redwood City knows that better than anybody. Food brings people closer together and so does a wedding. Catering for all occasions is most definitely proud to bring the joy to everyone. You can find plenty of venues that take lots of catering here.

Servers came, set up an elegant design for the reception to take place in, and got to work. Event catering peninsula takes full advantage of its employees’ talents, including a quick and pampered set-up. Find the best venues to have a wonderful set up at Yelp!

Next, it was time for the food to be displayed and offered to the crowds. Redwood City Catering comes with all sorts of cuisine including American, Mexican, and Italian, and every delectable item is available through several dining options to choose from on their ever-expanding menu.

Lazlo and Betsy and their families were praised for the inclusion of options such as

  • Pear and Candied Walnut Salad
  • Kale and Roasted Beet Salad
  • Red Potatoes w/ Rosemary
  • Seasonal Risotto
  • Traditional Lasagna
  • Seared Salmon
  • Garlic Bread

It was a dinner made for kings and queens, a feast for the ages, and it all helped symbolize the love and appetite people don’t just have for foods but for each other as well.

Finally, it came time to cut the Fondant Cake, another extravagant piece provided by Caterers Redwood City. But instead of just sharing the cake with each other, Lazlo and Betsy each took a bite of each others Specialty Cupcakes also delivered by Stanford caterer. It made for an adorable picture and a memorable scrapbook moment. There were plenty to go around as the guests danced and celebrated the joining of two souls amongst an amazing buffet.

Winslow’s Catering Redwood City is more than willing to cater your wedding! Call or email us today at Winslow’s Catering Redwood City for quote and let’s join hands with you in hungry matrimony!